Upcoming handgun training:

Advanced Personal Protection with the Handgun

This advanced three-day class, held October 27-29 is intended to prepare the responsible armed citizen to prevail in a lethal attack on his person while at the same time becoming less dangerous to innocent bystanders.

Program of instruction to cover: Firearms Safety, Dynamics of Lethal Encounters, Survival Mindset, Handgun Effectiveness, Reflexive Weapon Handling, Marksmanship for Self Defense, Dynamic Marksmanship, Legal Issues in Use of Lethal Force, Low Light and No Light Shooting, Threat Discrimination. Experience Based Simulators: Outdoor Reactive Range, Indoor Home Invasions, Carjacking and other realistic, everyday scenarios.

The American Institute of Marksmanship was founded in 2011 by Jim Higginbotham and Eric Dean in order to provide an outlet for the training of serious students of firearms and their use.  Since that time many new members who are equally passionate about the safe and responsible use of firearms have been added to the family.

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