During our 2nd full GRIP Event we continued to make adjustments to the way we ran the flow of the event stages. The scoring remains the same in order to allow folks to gauge their progress. 

The weather played a factor this month in that we had severe storms in the early AM and had to push back the start an hour. 

Thanks to all the volunteers who selflessly pitched in to see this event completed. Thanks also to all the participants, which make the event worth doing. We are all here to learn not to compete with one another and that attitude is evident in every shooter. 

I note in looking at the scores of the folks who shot in both events a general improvement, which is exactly what we wish to see. If you are a volunteer and did not improve do not be surprised, you are probably experiencing something I have long noted, running a shooting exercise is detrimental to one's performance for a few reasons. Stress is one. Another is that we tend to absorb nearly all of the mistakes people make and repeat them ourselves. I have no idea why that occurs.

Since the event is still in its infancy, feel free to look at the the description we posted last month and as always, questions are encouraged. You can email me at jim.higginbotham@aimperfect.com.

Scores are available here as a PDF.


AuthorJames Higginbotham