As many of you know, AIM has struggled quite some time to cope with the shaky ground of our lease.  The lease is sound but, alas the Lessee is not and they owe a lot of people, including us, a lot of money.  That would not affect the lease except for one creditor that is a point of contention, with whom we have been struggling in the courts for 3 years.  Recently the case elevated to the Kentucky Supreme Court.

AIM is Non-Profit organization, it wasn’t meant to be but that is the way it worked out.  Eric and I have poured their time, efforts and personal money into this project since the inception and along the way we have picked up friends who we think the world of, who likewise have given unselfishly of their time.  Were I to make a list I would surely slight someone who contributed so I won’t at this juncture.

This note is by way of informing all current and former AIM customers and friends of the course we are plotting.

We closed the Highlands Armory in August and in the future the store and clubhouse will be closed except for special events.

With no one present to monitor range use and safety the range will become a Members Only operation.  There will be no public use of the range unless someone wants to rent it for a public event.  Each Member will be responsible for his own use of the range and to clean up after his or herself and also for the safety of any guests they may bring.  No one will be allowed the use of the range, including guests of members without filling out a liability waiver. 

While we try to provide target stands, that is no longer something we will have anyone on site to do, so count on bringing your own target stand.

At present our lease and keeping the lights and water on costs us well over $1000 per month, if we cannot make this amount then we will be forced to surrender the lease as both Eric and I are “tapped out” of personal resources to keep it going.

So long as we keep the lease the Trap fields will still be operated by Kenny Knot.

Private Membership fees will be discussed presently on a month to month basis until we hear of a resolution from the K.S.C.  The fee will be payable on the website (  The gate code will be changed monthly.  No membership will be accepted without a signed waiver and no guest may shoot on the ranges without signing a waiver (available on the website and printed in the clipboard near the front door).

Regardless of the outcome of the court case,  AIM will still be in the training business as we have other options.

Thank you for your consideration and for your support.

Jim Higginbotham
Director of Training

AuthorJames Higginbotham