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Surviving Lethal Encounters Workshop

Join us for a day of presentations and discussion of the many facets of legitimate self-defense with handguns to include:

  • Dynamics of Lethal Encounters: What to Expect

  • Fire For Effect: Effective Response to the Extreme Lethal Attack

  • The Problem – Review of Several “Close Encounters of the Worst Kind”.

  • Countering Attack – Mechanisms of Collapse Ballistics

  • Training for the Fight of Your Life!

  • The Survival Chain: Four Critical “Links” by Which Your Survival Hangs.

  • Legal Issues of Lethal Force Justification

Presentations and discussion facilitation by Jim Higginbotham, Weaponcraft Specialist and Walter Sholar, Attorney at Law.


$100 - $50 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a slot and class will be limited to 25 slots (Tuition refundable in the event of a class cancellation.)

Go to our online store to reserve a slot.


Call Eric Dean at 270-544-7220 or email.

Earlier Event: January 18
Later Event: February 15