Weaponcraft: \ˈwe-pən-kræft\ The total package of skills that a person can employ for the purpose of legitimate and moral use of lethal force in the defense of oneself or those under one’s mantle of protection.


Our vision for The Weaponcraft Journal is to create a reference where topics related to the relevant use of firearms as weapons are explored without considerations for competition or other sporting uses. We have no criticism of these activities but rather choose to focus on the serious use of weapons. We cover all varieties of weapons both present and historic, firearms, edged and improvised as well as unarmed combat.

Aspects covered are Tactics, Equipment (selection, management and care), Attitude (Combat Mindset) and Marksmanship, in a real-world sense.

We do not accept advertising from firearms manufacturers to ensure our objectivity.

The journal is available in Digital PDF, Kindle or Traditional Print via Amazon.com. Links to see the in-line videos are included in the document as well as a link to download a copy of all the videos, spreadsheets, targets and other files referenced in the issue.